Technology changes every day. Early computers were fixed in one place, but now we have them in our pockets. We had to visit a library to find books; now, we can have hundreds of them on our cell phones. Soon we are going to see robot workers, doctors, and engineers. This advancement is bringing revolution to the world.
But, is this advancement going to end TV? The short answer is no. The same thing was said about books when the internet was invented. However, we are still using them. And this same scenario applies to television. According to Statista, there are 1.7 billion TV users in the world. And alone in the USA, there are 120.6 million TV users. So, you cannot take the TV out of the race of the digital world.
TV isn't going to end soon. Why? Because big companies like Samsung, L.G, and Sony are still investing in it. They are making television more attractive. The new TVs have larger screens and thinner bodies. Thus making the television experience more comfortable.


Most of you may be thinking that TV is not a valid source for branding. Well, it's unfortunate to inform you that you are not right. TV branding is still alive and generating profits. It is a valid source for marketing because people watch TV in their leisure. So, they are fully aware of what they are watching on the screen.
According to compiled data, TV is watched by 70.1% of the population of Europe daily. Their average watch time is 3 hours 39mints. Also, your ad does not play randomly on TV. Your ad will appear on the screen according to the show being aired. For instance, a KFC ad is suitable for a cooking show, and a Red Bull ad is good to go with a fitness show.
On a digital marketing platform, a user can usually skip the ad. Mostly they don't even try to understand the ad. But, on TV, they cannot do that. So, it is a great platform to sell the brand or to create brand awareness. This platform is just not limited to big companies or brands. A small startup can also use it to gain benefits.
In Italy, TV ads are generating three times more profit as compared with Web ads. Though television has less watch time, it does provide great benefits.


Finding new clients or customers using technology is called digital targeting. When you are using technology to promote your brand or product, you are not physically involved. So, you have to create an attractive and relatable ad to grab the attention of the user.
The televisions can help you to sell your product. But first, you must know your targeted audience. This exact audience will bring more payback. For instance, if you are selling a cosmetic brand, you should know a fashion show's time. Ladies mostly watch these shows so that they will know about your brand.
If you don't follow this strategy, you may not get the expected results.


A device that is designed to have the ability to support multimedia, including streaming services from the internet. In simple words, connected TV is the integration of internet features into TV sets of the new generation without getting confused. You can think of connected TV as a combination of traditional television with the support of the internet and computer technology. The user interface of connected TV resembles a lot of smartphones. Due to this, Connect TV is sometimes called Smart TV.
By using these TVs, the users can access different internet streaming services like Netflix and YouTube for watching entertainment content. These can be used to access different content on the internet. As a business owner, you can market your business ads to the targeted audience using these services.


There are 3 different types of connected TV advertisements that can be used to promote your business.
• In-Stream Video Ads
These types of video ads are useful for any kind of business because users can't skip these 15-30 seconds advertisements. They can be placed before or during the programs. If you are using any TV advertisement before, you can save some bucks and use the same for Connect TV ads.
• Interactive Pre-Roll Ads
While watching any movie or video on Connect TV, you may encounter video advertisements in between. These types of ads are in-stream video ads. For example, if you are scheduling a Test Drive for any new vehicle, you can provoke visitors to click through the ad and visit the landing page to schedule a test drive.
• Home Screen Placement Ads
The third type of Connected TV ad is still ads on your home screen. They can be a short video or static image showing on your home screen with a featured call to action button like "Learn More."


Technology has given us modern methods of marketing. You can use affiliate marketing, Facebook ads, e-mail marketing, and more. But most users skip through Facebook ads; also, only a few of them are interested in reading mails. Although these are very powerful mediums, you still don't get the exact benefit of your investment. TV ads can reach millions of people within seconds, and guess what? They will have to see the whole ad. That ad will let them know about your brand. Also, these TV ads are effective because they are seen with relaxed minds. A person will not watch TV if he is busy. Moreover, when a group discusses the ad, they cannot forget it easily. So, you will get free marketing.
You don't have to market the brand on TV forever. You can do that occasionally. For instance, you can air your ad during Major League Baseball (MLB). Or you can choose an important event according to your area. Once you have a good number of satisfied customers, you can remove the ad.


The major benefits of TV advertisements are:
Due to targeting your desired segment of the audience, Connected TV advertising can be cost-effective. Your ad will be displayed to multiple visitors at the time because normally, TV is being watched with friends or family.
Your ad in CTV ads will be considered viewable only if the ad actually plays. As a business, it is important to track how people are responding to your advertisement. This can be tracked easily, and you can enhance the performance of your ads. ➔ TRUST
TV ads are the most trusted ads. Most brand representatives use the term as seen on TV, meaning it is a symbol of trust.
These ads will target a huge audience, and you will gain the expected output. It is a fine medium for creating brand awareness.
These ads are mostly viewed by a group of people, so when they discuss the ad, they will remember the product.
It doesn't matter if you are using TV ads for the long or short term; you will get profit.


Digital marketing and TV ads are both here to help you grow your business. You can combine these mediums to reach a massive audience. You may think, "why should I do that?". You should do that because if there are 1.67 billion TV users, there are also 3.5 billion smartphone users. And it is reported that 90% of TV users have a mobile phone in their hand when they are watching TV. So, running your ads both on the internet and TV will help you to accelerate your business. If a user sees your ad more than once, he may want to purchase it.
Remember, the key factor of success in marketing is the targeted audience. If you can show your ad to a perfect audience, you will get your profit. Else your ad will generate profit equal to none. So, before running any ad campaign, go and search for your chosen audience.


Technology advances every day, but there are still many users of TV. If you want to promote your brand, or you are looking to sell products or services, you can advertise them through TV ads. They generate more revenue than any other marketing strategy. When a user watches an ad with a relaxed mind and relatable content, he will wish to purchase it. Therefore, you should go for a TV advertisement if you want to accelerate your business.


TV ads are still the most effective method of advertisement. TV ads play an important role in creating, building, and growing brands. These ads keep the brand alive in the user's mind for a longer time.


If you are looking to create brand awareness, then yes. A good commercial will attract the attention of a large audience. But if you want to sell your products, then commercials are not for you.


Your ad will reach the users, and it will inform them of the benefits of the product. A good ad must attract the audience and entice them to purchase or use the product.


The cheapest method of advertisement is social media ads. You can start the advertisement starting at just 20 dollars.