Search Engine Optimization referred to as “SEO” is the process of improving your website visibility and optimize it for search engines to rank better. The better visibility and optimization you have, the better attention and number of searches you will receive from search engines. For example, if you search for the best company for leads buying in 2021. You will have plenty of results shown in the search engine. The top search result will have better SEO done that’s why it is showing on the top of results. Let’s discuss the working of search engine optimization in detail to understand the working.

• How Does SEO Work?

There are plenty of strategies, tips, and trick which all help in improving the overall position of your website in the search results. There are two sub-branches of SEO on-page and off-page SEO. The things which you can improve on your website like site speed, the website theme, and design, the usage of keywords, etc. are referred to as On-Page SEO. On the contrary, anything done on other websites or platforms to improve the ranking of your website is known as off-page SEO. The major part of off-page SEO includes backlinks. For higher ranking in search engines, it will take time and successful implementation of different on-page and off-page factors to get higher rankings in the search engine. There isn’t one factor that is important for ranking. All different factors are important to be optimized and performed correctly for the improvement of your website search ranking.

• Why is SEO Important?

Whenever you enter any keyword in the search engine, the search engine will determine which results should be shown to you. Without proper SEO, your website will not be in the search results which means you will have no visibility on the internet. So, search engine optimization is important for every business. The users usually trust the search results they get from the search engine. If you have achieved the top spot in the search engine rankings, then you will get plenty of visitors visiting your website and doing business with you.

• How To Improve Ranking?

There is one thing important to understand that organic ranking can’t be done overnight. It takes time to get ranked in search engine rankings. Here are the things which you can do to start getting a better ranking in Search Engine today.


First things first, before starting SEO for your business. Write down all the possible problems which your business can solve. This is important in terms of SEO because you will get keyword ideas from the list of solutions your business provides to the customers. By using those keywords, you can start writing content on your website blog and start getting visitors to your website.


You have your business website ready and running with all the content related to your business. It has all the required graphics and color schemes. But wait for a second, the website is looking great from the outer side. Have you checked the technical problems with your website which can affect your website ranking? The first thing which crawler of the search engine and a visitor notices is the speed of your website. The time your website requires to load data properly. It heavily impacts your search engine ranking as well as give a positive or negative impression to customers visiting your website. The important problems related to SEO are as under.
1. Speed
As mentioned before, the loading time of your website greatly impacts your website ranking.
2. Duplicate Content
You have a website with a fast loading speed, but the content on the website is duplicated. Then, you will have a problem. As we all know “Content is King”. Google will not rank your website if you are posting duplicate content on your website. It may get your website penalized for using duplicate content.
3. Broken Links
Links of the website are also important as they help crawlers to crawl your links as well as the main page of the content. If you have broken links used on the website, then make sure to remove them or update them with the working ones.


On-page optimization is also an important part of your SEO strategy. If you are using the keywords on your page, then it doesn’t mean that you are doing on-page optimization. There are different factors involved in on-page search engine optimization.
1. Content
As mentioned before, Content is King. You must use quality content having proper usage of keywords in between. Adding keywords to your content will make it important in eyes of the search engine. So, it doesn’t mean that you can add tons of keywords in the same content and use it again and again. This is called keyword stuffing which results in getting your website de-ranked instead of improving rank in search engines.
2. Titles
While writing the blog section of your website or adding content to the main pages of your business website. It is important to use catchy titles having proper usage of keywords in them.
3. Body Content & Images
The use of pictures in between the text makes it look pleasing to the eyes and easy to read. The use of keywords in the body content and the use of relevant images is important to improve on-page search engine ranking.


On-page optimization is also an important part of your SEO strategy. If you are using the keywords on your page, then it doesn’t mean that you are doing on-page optimization. There are different factors involved in on-page search engine optimization.


If you are a business owner, then Google My Business should be on your checklist while doing search engine optimization in 2021. It can make a big impact on your business while it's a completely free service of Google. Just visit www.google.com/business or search for Google My Business in the Google search engine. Your business needs to fill out all relevant fields provided while listing your business. Also, add relevant pictures of your business and videos too if any you have regarding your business.
While listing your business, the selection of categories for your business is very important. Make sure to choose the relevant category for your business to get benefit from Google My Business. For the advanced level, you can start creating Questions and Answers in Google My Business to get more attention from customers.
So, these are the important things which you should do to improve the search engine ranking of your business. If you want to get SEO done for your business, then Netyell.com is providing SEO services for all kinds of businesses.