• Introduction

In this modern age, when everything will shift in the digital world, it is necessary to bring the scattered data information on one page about the related fields. It is needy because whenever people try locating data related to specific categories, they face difficulty in finding list of exact information from the messy web. For this type of difficulty, Data scraping is the best way to sort out some difficulties by extracting exact information from several websites into one sheet. In this way, this article helps you to find out an easy way to scrap your related data.

• Data scraping

Data scraping or web scraping are two interchangeable terms to get the data from multiple sources and set it out more conveniently. It is like an automated tool working that crawls from one web to another to gather information from site to site. Data scraping is used by many business holders and academic researchers for locating data or finding lists about the information of their target subjects like companies' contact information, customers’ interest, or employees' potential.

• Data mining

Data mining is another data analyzing technique. It refers to the advanced analysis of data sets to uncover specific trends or insights from the dataset. The main aim of data mining is to extract the basic goal or result of gathered information.

• Data scraping VS Data mining

Both techniques are used for locating data and finding a list of the required information. But it’s easy to confuse these two terms most of the time, and people use these two terms interchangeably. The pretty clear difference between these is that data scraping is a broader term to gather data from other websites or sources to form data sets. While data mining is a technique that uses this gathered data from further analysis, it does not involve any data gathering technique.

•Data scraping Use

More widely, Data scraping is important for every field of life. All fields, either it’s educational or business-related they gather data, but the question is, why do they do so? To answer this question, the following points elaborate on some important aspects of Data scraping.
• Companies collect email ID or contact information of their employees or customers by Data scraping to send information in bulk.
• Data scraping is also used by social media marketers like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram to know-how about trends and people's interests.
• It is also used by researchers to analyses exact information from a targeted sample to carry out Surveys or draw statistically-based research results.
• Many companies use this technique for job purposes. They enlist job vacancies, contact information, and much other basic information that easily accessible for employees.
• Online marketing sites like Amazon use scrapping methods to meet the client’s interest and market demands.

• Is Web Scraping Legal?

It’s an important thing to know about whether a website owner allows scraping or not. Some of the websites restrict, or some allow scrapping. For this purpose, you need to look at the website’s “robots.txt” file. Add the website URL before “robots.txt” to see it. Top 5 tools for data scraping.
1. Data Scraper (chrome extension)
Data Scraper is the easiest way to scrap data from any website. It automatically scraps data from any of your interested websites just by a click. A more adorable thing about this is the sortable and editable list feature. It allows offline editing by full ownership of data.
2. Scraper API
Scraper API is a web scraper that deals with the proxy itself and keeps you burden-free. It is the best tool to handle the browsers, and CAPTCHAs do that developer get the raw HTML by simple API call in order to avoid IP bans and CAPTCHAs. So if you are looking for millions of web pages for scrapping just in a month, then use this golden tool.
3. Scrapy
All in one free scrapping tool is Scrapy that is well-known for Python developers. It is a full-featured scraping tool that all plumbing cases. It has well-documented features with helping tutorials to get started.
4. Import.io
Import.io is the best data scraping tool. It is ideal for in-depth competitor analysis and provides a well-structured important data list.
5. Beautiful Soup
Beautiful Soup is a well-documented scrapping tool for Python HTML parsing library lovers. The most attractive thing about this tool is that you can use it with Python 2 and Python 3 as the most popular HTML parser for Python developers.

• Data mining use

We use Data mining for the following purposes
• It helps the companies to bring accurate and better decisions under consideration by analyzing larger data sets
• Data mining assists the business holders to achieve their targeted goals by deep data analysis. They eliminate unnecessary doings and built focused marketing strategies.
• Data mining helps to improve the planning and decision makings strategies of organizations.
• It helps to defeat the competitors by providing a small but worthy mindset or goals.

• Top 5 data mining techniques

1. Classification analysis
Classification analysis is a technique that divides the larger data into clusters of related information. It makes it easy to understand similar data records from different segments of data. In simple words, classes of data are formed based on similar characteristics.
2. Association rule learning
Association rule learning is a more widely used technique that differentiates data based on linkage relationships. Through this dependency process, the linked variables are segregated from not related data.
3. Anomaly or outlier detection
In this method, the anomalous data remove from the interlined top data. It helps to detect the fault, disturbance, and fraud detection.
4. Regression analysis
By this regression analysis process, one can identify the dependent and independent variables' differences. It will help to get the best prediction about IV and DV.
5. Cluster analysis
It is a technique based on the closest similarities. The highest similarity containing data is enlisted in one group, while the lowest similarity data are separate from it through the profiling process.

• Final words

In final thoughts, it will help you to get knowledge about data scraping and data mining processes along with top-related tools. Both of these techniques positively impact business and marketing fields to increase revenue or decrease unwanted costs for customer satisfaction and to get exact information in short time.