The most important factor which plays a vital role in any business is company branding. The branding of your company distinguishes your business from other competitors in the market. You will get lost in the sea if your branding is not distinct from others.

• What is Company Branding?

The way of identifying your business is called branding. It is referred to as a comprehensive plan regarding your business including logo, slogan, products or services description, targeted audience, marketing, and advertisement. What will you think after seeing the logo of Apple on the screen? It will give you a clear idea of what the business is all about and what type of services are being offered from the brand. The branding doesn't only include the logo, but also the customer service, marketing style, and business advertising. The perception of customers after interacting or using your company product or services is branding your company. The main core phases of branding are as under.
• Brand Strategy
• Brand Identity
• Brand Marketing

• Brand Strategy

The detailed plan regarding the purpose of creating your brand and the impact on the general public is the brand strategy. This strategy will include how your business or products are different from the competitors and how your business is trustworthy than others. In simple words, brand strategy is a blueprint of what your business is all about and how you want the world to perceive your business. It plays a vital role in building any successful brand. Many unsuccessful businesses around the globe overlook the brand strategy and only focus on the designing and marketing of the business.

• Brand Identity

The art of conveying to the general public about your brand through audio-video visuals, marketing messages, social media posts, etc.
The identity of your brand should be consistently delivered through different channels. In this way, people will start recognizing your brand. There are different things involved in the recognition of any brand including the logo of the brand, website, advertising on print, TV, and social media, etc. The consistent presentation of your brand using different platforms will boost your company's revenue.

• Brand Marketing

The last and the most important phase of branding your business or company is brand marketing. It is the way of representing the uses and highlights of your products or services using different communication strategies. Looking for a guide to creating a business brand that people love and remember for decades. Then follow this guide.


Are you confused about branding? Don’t know how to start building company branding? Then, this is the best option available. Look at your competitors in the same category of products or services and review their activities. Analyze what they are doing correctly and figure out negative points. What are the areas to look for while getting inspiration from other competitors?
1. The competitor's brand identity.
2. The competitor products/services and their features.
3. The marketing content on different social media platforms.
4. The advertisement on print, TV, or social media.


This is the most difficult part of business branding. Your business needs to identify target clients. Not everyone in the area or location of your business are your potential clients. You have to narrow down based on their preferences and requirements according to your offerings. To simplify things here, you can start by creating a buyer persona which may include the potential client's likes, dislikes, personal details, income, and preferences, etc. The competitor's reviews and other social media engagements can also give you an idea about what your targeted audience should be.


The next important thing for your company branding is to have a professional logo for the company. Every business should have a professional logo that identifies its brand. You can get your business logo designed from agencies like Netyell.com. There is a famous quote from Paul Rand "Design is the silent ambassador of your brand". So make sure your business logo is exceptional. The logo doesn't have to look too fancy or complicated. It can be simple but meaningful. There are 5 things that you should keep in mind while creating or reviewing your logo. The brand logo should be simple, appropriate, timeless, versatile, and memorable.


A short phrase written at the bottom of the logo of different brands is called a tagline or slogan. The slogan doesn't have any direct link with your brand. The slogan should explain any of the key benefits you are offering. It should be different, unique, and memorable.


Market research is important for every business. But when you are starting from scratch, then it is compulsory to study what is happening in the relevant market and what is grabbing more attention from customers. You can go with purchasing research reports from companies if you have a budget. But for startups, it's best to do research using Google. Just google your relevant category research reports and you will get tons of results in seconds. By doing so, you will be able to identify the targeted audience and offer relevant offerings to them.


Many small businesses and startups are coming up every day. It is difficult to come up with a unique business name. It is important to trademark your brand name to protect it from copycats. After finalizing the brand logo, slogan, and name, the next step should be to register the trademark. Having a trademark will protect your brand identity legally if any copycat tries to steal it.


Another important tool for business branding is website development. Your business website is the place where your customers can visit to learn more about your business, products/service offerings, etc. You can have a detailed story of your brand along with all other details.
The website development will also help your brand to grab visitors and customers from social media and search engines using search engine optimization. You can get your brand website developed from agencies like Netyell.com.


In this digital world, besides traditional marketing, you should opt for the means of digital marketing like content marketing. After developing a website for your brand. Start posting content regarding your brand awareness for potential customers. It is useful to attract qualified customers. To strengthen your brand, visibility along with reputation is important. If you are increasing visibility by using awareness-building advertising only, then you will not get the required results. But if you are using the content marketing strategies on your website and social media, then you will uphold reputation in eyes of the potential customers along with visibility.


The last and ongoing business branding tool is boosting and advertising your brand. Once you have a promising logo of your brand ready with a catchy tagline and a website with relevant content ready. The next step is to develop a marketing plan to boost your brand. The marketing plan includes
1. Social Media Marketing
Everyone is addicted to social media platforms these days. Almost everyone having a smartphone has social media account on any platform. You can start promoting your brand on different social media platforms. Starting with the creation of Page on Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, and other social media platforms. There are different ways to promote your brand on social media. You can opt for paid advertising on them like Facebook Ads or you can boost your brand value by using social media influencers' support.
2. Email Marketing
Another way of promoting your brand is email marketing. You can grab emails from your potential clients from different sources like Websites or social media accounts. Use customer emails and send them brand-related emails from time to time.
3. Paid Advertising
Last but not the least thing which you can do for boosting your brand is using paid advertisements. As mentioned earlier about Facebook Ads. You can run paid advertisements regarding your brand on Google and Facebook. In this way, you will get visibility as well as potential clients using these paid advertising services.


The final step for business branding which is an ongoing process is tracking. It is important to first implement your business branding strategy and then track it after a while. In this way, you can easily track whether the strategy is going in the right direction or the wrong one. After done with tracking, now you can plan the strategy again according to all the things figured out after tracking. This is a repeated process, repeat it unless you get your winning branding strategy.
So, these are all the steps that you should follow while developing a branding strategy for your business. Need help regarding the branding of your business? We at Netyell.com are a branding company that specializes in company branding, brand identity, website design, logo design, and brand marketing. We are offering new business essentials which are important for any business.